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VEDANT KESHRI SWAMI NIRANJANJI MAHARAJ Vedant Keshari Swami Niranjanji Maharaj as the title suggests is an unparalleled Saint of India who believes not in routine preaching of religion for the sake of it but believes in every human being realizing one's own true identity which is the one and only one source of true eternal happiness.

A Spiritual Master of uncompromising Steadfastness while upholding Truth-Realization as the ultimate objective of human life at the helm; firmly and effortlessly guides the human society towards all-round promotion of human values like honesty, truthfulness, justice, purity, austerity, humanity etc. for ethical living which the Revered Master believes as the stepping stone for Spiritual Realization.

The Revered Seer believes that just as darkness cannot be removed by sweeping with a broom stick but only through providing a source of light, so too, human suffering can't be completely wiped off by any sort of material or emotional permutation and combination (shuffling of cravings and aversions) but only through "Realization of absolute truth through humble submission to Guidance and Grace of True Preceptor (Sadguru)".

The Master further vouches that just as mere hanging of the photograph of a cat on the wall cannot drive away the rats from the house or hunger cannot be appeased by the viewing of advertising dishes from the News Paper; so too absolute happiness cannot be realized by just visiting temples, churches, mosques, Gurdwaras or Pilgrimage of any sort but only through being aware of one's own 'absolute eternal core' experientially.

On the whole, the philosophy of the Great Sage evolves around the philosophy of Non-duality (Advaitta Siddhant) i.e. existence of one and only one 'Universal-Consciousness' (Brahman) and nothing else (Eka-Brahma dvitiya nasti).

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah…

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