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  • कर्ता ना बनो सदा साक्षी रहो
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VEDANT KESHRI SWAMI NIRANJANJI MAHARAJ is the founder of Niranjan Mission. According to Swamiji the main motto of our mission is to spread the non-dual philosophy worldwide. Because each and every living being in this world is striving for happiness & peace every moment, but in return they get pain, misery, distress etc. So it should be thought that where the real happiness is ? How could one get internal Peace ? Swamiji says, it is when each & every human being wake up from the ignorance and realize the real dignity of self ,then only he could discover the real happiness & peace within. Scriptures says- all the problems and tragedies will be dissolved in the knowledge of non-duality alone.

So the basic aim of Niranjan Mission is to profound the wisdom of self-knowledge for the humanity, which gives enlightenment and the real identity of self and free the world from the differences of casteism, territorialism, sectarianism etc. With this concept of ‘oneness’ (non-duality) Niranjan Mission is always look forward for the betterment of the society. It works for upliftment of the socially disappointed and backward people, works for animal rights, distributes free artificial limbs to handicapped people, arranges blood donation and plantation programs and many more. Irrespective of caste, creed and community Niranjan Mission is going on serving for all the living creatures of the world.

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Recent Work of Niranjan Mission

Recent Work

" Service to mankind is service to God "
with this objective the Volunteers of Niranjna Misson are visiting the tribal areas of koraput dist and distributing blankets, clothes & foods to the needy people since last week. This project was started on 14th November and will conclude on 27th November.


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Recent Classes

The Akhand shanti gyan yagya shivir at Bhubaneswar, Odisha is started from 17th Feb. It will end on 5th March. More than 500 students are attending the camp.


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