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Each & every creature on this earth strives for bliss & itis only possible when the mind attains the state of equanimity. Equanimity of mind is attained only by the knowledge of self realization. When a person attains to self - realization, he becomes a Gyani. For him, he cannot find the difference between rich & poor, cat & mouse, cow & dog, elephant & mahout, horse & rider, Brahmin & Sudra, king & beggar as he sees his own image or Brahman in everybody.

Lord Krishna says " The whole world is enveloped by God. God dwells in every particle of the world. So, our behavior towards others is the behavior towards him. By killing & torturing animals for food & our pleasure, we are doing nothing but giving pain to God himself. If you were asked to cut the finger of your child & cook a delicious cuisine out of it, will you be, I guess not. No one on this earth can bear that, then how can God, we all are his children. And by doing so, do you really think that God will forgive us & Love us as we are. "

It is a universal law, “Sow shall thy Get”, you will get what you have sowed. You can never expect apple from a mango tree & banana from a coconut tree. Exactly, how can you expect God to be happy, & prosper you with bliss when you are killing & torturing his children?

But yes, you are eligible for all the bliss for comforting & helping his children in trouble. And for that, Swamiji has formed the “Jibedaya Mission”, which a step is taken towards educating people how to live happily & make other happy. The mission educates people of not killing animals for food & entertainment. The mission also visits different schools to encourage children about turning into vegetarian & also animal rights.

Mission gives information about scientific, spiritual & medical harmony by taking vegetarian food & saving animals. Jibedaya mission creates a consciousness among people & spreads the concept of non- violence which is the need of the time.

Through the mission we are providing a vision of “Equanimity”, so people can see the world & its inhabitants as one.

Process of “Jibedaya” Program:-

A. Showing videos based on Violence towards animals.

B. Giving education about animal rights & human nature.
C. Supply study materials for the cause.
D. Conduct examinations on the coaching provided on the program.
E. Children, who have successfully passed the test & promise to remain vegetarian for entire life, are  provided with awards.
F. The course is provided totally Free of Cost.

This program is a continuation of the efforts made to bring people close to God by saving his children.

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